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iota-audio-design  “small things that matter”

Background and new developments!

From the start of the 1990’s a number of Hi-fi products were designed and manufactured in the UK under the names of HiQ Sound, Q Series (electronics and cables), & QT Products (turntables, power supplies, and tone arm accessories and modifications), Subsequently all these products were marketed and many continue to be available under the single brand name Iota from 1997 onwards.

Since the beginning of the 1990’s we have designed, developed, and manufactured more than thirty specific designs, some have been produced in small quantities & individually hand built, whilst others, phono stages for example have been produced in their hundreds. Many of these products some now nearly twenty five years old are still in daily use and still providing great service often to their original purchasers.
These designs Include:-
  • Four different phono stages, from an entry level single ended design to the fully balanced reference series, plus a variety of stand alone moving coil transformers.
  • Headphone amps, entry level & high end.
  • Line level integrated amps,
  • Fully balanced pre amps & high power transistor mono amps.
  • Dedicated balanced line driver stages.
  • Turntable power supplies, using direct digital synthesis and custom made crystal references.
  • Four different turntable designs, and numerous tone arm accessories, counterweights, conversions, and modifications.
  • Three speaker cables and four interconnects both balanced and single ended as well as digital cables.
  • DAC’s and other associated digital equipment.
  • Six different speaker designs ranging from mid level stand mount to floor standing ultra high efficiency horn loaded, & fully active studio monitors.
  • Active crossovers and sixth order filters.

Plus numerous “one offs” and bespoke items to meet individual customer requirements.
Some examples of previous products: 

The LCP 2 Phono stage 

The MkII QT Evolution (2000)

The Original QT Turntable. (1993)
** See our new  Turntables
Who  is behind iota-audio-design?  

All of these items were designed, developed, and manufactured by Mark Hudson (of Hi Q Sound) and Nigel M Brown (of QT Products, Chantry Audio, & previously in partnership with Tom Fletcher in Space Acoustics the original designers and manufacturers of The Space Deck and Tonearm).

All the equipment marketed under the names of Q Series, QT Products, and Iota were advertised in Hifi magazines, displayed and demonstrated at international HiFi shows, and were originally available through a small number of dealers including Chantry Audio in Nottinghamshire UK who were also acting as distributors. The majority of equipment has been sold in the UK whilst other products including turntables, phono stages, and speakers have been sold throughout Europe, Asia, as well as other parts of the world.

However at the beginning of 2007 Chantry Audio had been operating from the same premises since 1988. Therefore coinciding with the end of a commercial lease a decision was made to close both the retail as well as the subsidiary Caldis, custom installation business. This was to allow the owners of Chantry Audio to relocate to France and to concentrate on the design and development of some new Iota turntable products, whilst also planning to continue the sale and distribution of the existing Iota range; subsequently unfortunately over the next few years a number of “acts of nature” including floods, births, and deaths interrupted and delayed these well laid plans.

However throughout this time the Iota products, electronics and cables continued to be available and have full service and support from Hi Q Sound based in Lincolnshire UK.

Over the intervening 25 years since these products first inception these have continued to be sold and supported…………… so what now?

Now with a slightly different name iota-audio-design but with the same design input, ethos, and values, some existing products have now been revised, upgraded, and improved but these are joined by some exciting brand new items!

If you wish to find out more about the backgrounds of the two main protagonists in this enterprise please:- Follow this link for more information: